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  • Sunday, June 04, 2006
    My Apple bit the Dust
    I got a Mac Mini a few months ago. It's always been a bit slow, but lately it's been even worse. It was running slower than a PC with a virus. So, I take it into the Apple store down at SouthCenter. The dude plugs it in, hooks up a keyboard and monitor, and flips it on. No video output. Tries another screen. No video output. Tries a different monitor adapter. No video output. Takes the mini in back, reseats the RAM, tries it again. No video output.

    Are you seeing a pattern here?

    So, luckily enough, when we purchased said Mac, we bought the care plan package. The problem will be fixed, and not out of my pocket. The issue is either (A) The logic board (the processor) is toast, (B) The RAM is toast, or (my husband's favorite), (C) It toasted itself by not cooling properly. So, I'm back to PC-land and there will be no pics of anything until I get my Mac back, hopefully by the end of the week.

    In non-computer related issues, I have been cranking out hats for charity for a knitting get-together that is going on Saturday the 10th. I hope to be going to the KIP (Knitting in Public) event in downtown Seattle that day, then going to this get-together, but we'll see. Colten's kindergarten teacher has just finished her Master's Degree (WAY TO GO JEN!!!) and is having a grad party on that evening as well.

    Busy, busy, busy. You all know the saying about the one-legged man in a certain contest...
    posted by Karen @ 8:46 PM  
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